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Remain in Light

Speaking in Tongues

Professor S. Vera Vector
29 August 1967
"Yes, the basis for much of my work in that area comes from Muggle mathematicians. Knowledge is knowledge. I see no need to cripple my research due to the irrational prejudice of a minor portion of the wizarding world."

Vector pulled out a parchment and began to draw sinusoidal spirals on it. Reporters as a rule knew nothing of advanced arithmancy. Getting too technical would shortly send the man screaming away from the "boring drudgery" of it all.

"Take conchoids of lemniscate of Bernoulli for example — the lemniscate of course being a polar curve whose most common form is the locus of points the product of whose distances from two fixed points (called the foci) a distance 2a away is the constant a^2. ..."


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This is a character journal for __lightning__